The Most Unique Accommodations Around The World!

Unique accommodations are the spice that makes a vacation extra special ... photo by CC user Noblige on wikipedia

Photo by CC user Noblige on wikipedia 

Heading out on vacation soon, but getting tired of the same old hotel rooms? Fortunately, there are plenty of unique accommodations that can be found around the world that will help you bust out of your routine and have the most memorable vacation that you’ve had in a long time.

Consider the following options below, and you will be certain to have a holiday that is defined by your unique choice of accommodation…

Renting out celebrity homes

photo by CC user philipnelson on Flickr

Photo by CC user philipnelson on Flickr

When we think about Hollywood celebrities and the world in which they live, it can seem utterly inaccessible to normal people.

However, those prepared to save up enough money can enjoy a night or even a full week in one of many celebrity holiday homes around the world.

From Elizabeth Taylor’s stylish mansion in Palm Springs, to renting out Richard Branson’s Necker Island paradise, not only will guests have inspired surroundings to enjoy some of the best destinations in the world, but they will also have access to many of the amenities that these stars enjoy when they are in residence, making for a vacation that is a slice above the rest.

Balinese villas

photo by CC user jedavillabali on Flickr

Photo by CC user jedavillabali on Flickr

As far as tropical destinations go, it’s hard to get much more exotic than the island of Bali. Located in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago, this majority Hindu enclave is defined by its intricately carved temples, complex cuisine, its peaceful and verdant rice fields, and its surfer friendly beaches.

Along the coast, and in its lush interior, there are many excellent luxury accommodation options available, but none are quite as captivating as its villas.

Capturing the Balinese style of design through the use of open plans, sculpture, gardens that make good use of local flora and water features, and furniture that uses teak wood among other local materials, it will create an environment conducive to relaxation amidst the world’s greatest tropical destination.

Houseboats in Amsterdam … or Canada’s Okanagan Valley

Photo by CC user Lode Van de Velde on

Photo by CC user Lode Van de Velde on

Love spending time by the water on vacation? Why not spend it on the water? When you rent a houseboat, you can do just that. Around the world, there are opportunities to rent houseboats in urban settings like Amsterdam in the Netherlands, or in country settings like the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

Both of these accommodation options will provide you with an inspired place to spend your down time after a full day of sightseeing, and they will lull you to sleep as the wave action causes your boat home to gently bob up and down.

Additionally, those that choose to spend their free time on a boat tend to be very sociable folk, so the opportunities for making new friends will be many if you choose this unique accommodation option.

One of the best unique accommodations options: a treehouse for adults

photo by CC user 127478577@N02 on Flickr

Photo by CC user 127478577@N02 on Flickr

Did you ever have a treehouse as a child? If you didn’t, you can make this previously unrealized dream come true by staying in a treehouse hotel.

There are many unique properties located in diverse locations that range from Sweden to Costa Rica, but all of them embrace one central virtue: to be located high amongst the trees where they are located.

Those that are ecologically minded will love these types of unique accommodations, as the owners of these establishments tend to embrace renewable energy, and sustainable practices.