The Skills You Need to Play Soccer on Your Holiday

Many people love soccer and have competed on some level, usually as a small child. As you get older, you might have your love for the game reignites or maybe you are even in the category of having the chance to make some money playing soccer. When you are vacationing, many of the places you will go will have soccer or football as its home sport, and you might want to indulge. But if you do, you need to understand what skills you need to possess so you don’t make a fool of yourself in front of the locals.

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To understand what attributes you need to possess in order to excel at the sport, here is a list.

Dedication to Being Physically Fit

Soccer is one of the most demanding sports in terms of physical fitness. Players must be in the best cardio shape because of the constant running around the field. They must also be strong and able to battle and win against their opponents for the ball. To reach a level of fitness where you can be competitive the entire match, Requires that you spend hours each day training. Some of your training will be in the gym lifting weights to improve the strength of your arms, shoulders, back and legs. You also need to run many miles each day in order to make sure that your legs and cardio are prepared for the 90-minute matches. Overall you have to love working out almost every day and constantly pushing to get better physically.

Quick Reflexes

Soccer is a game of seeing and setting up opportunities and then being lightning quick when you pounce on those opportunities. To do this you need lightning reflexes. The best players use these reflexes to both attack and defend. When you watch them play it seems as if they have superhuman reflexes but actually much of this comes from seeing the same plays so many times and anticipating what comes next, knowing the players and their tendencies, and years of practice with exercises specifically designed to create faster reflexes. With all of this you also need natural skills for these attributes to build upon.

A Love for Competition

Soccer is a very competitive sport that ebbs and flows and demands that you can maintain your focus and have a love for competition. Each team must coordinate efforts and be in sync in moving from offence to defense and back again and players must have a clear understanding of who will be doing what when any situation arises Most of all players have to want to compete and win. So if you are a person who loves competition and being matched up against opponents, and you excel in these situations, you might be right for playing soccer.


Soccer is a game with lots of action but also there are times when the ball does not come to a player for several minutes. Therefore the player must be patient but alert regarding anything going on anywhere on the field, It is also usually a low scoring sport and opportunities take minutes to create. This requires lots of patience and an ability to be prepared to score or defend on short notice. If this describes you, you might be right for soccer.

Good Balance

If you watch a professional soccer match you will notice that the players must change direction and speed very quickly. Sometimes it seems as if they are actually running on the sides of their shoes in order to turn on a dime. To be a great soccer player you must have great balance. This quality allows you to always be ready to change direction and not lose speed while doing it. You will also have to run backwards and sideways a lot and here again good balance is the key. So when on holiday if you play on an uneven field or even a beautiful beach, you will be prepared to score a goal.

If you have a love for soccer and want to try your hand on vacation, work on these skills and you might turn out to impress the locals.