5 Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home

No one likes having dust gather in their home. Not only is it unsightly but also triggers allergies and can be harmful to the health of the residents.

To combat dust, most people schedule specific dusting days where they clean their homes from top to bottom to remove any existing dust.

The problem with this, however, is that it can be very time consuming and it is far better to prevent dust buildup that to clean it up later.

To do this, practice the following steps.

  1. Keep corners clear: Dust gathers the most in tight spaces that are not attended to often. One of the most common of these is corners of the home.

Most times, this is where dust can be found the most. To prevent this, keep the corners of your home clear. This means moving things like television stands, chairs, and tables. As long as the corners of your room are visible, dust is less likely to gather there and if it does, it will be significantly easier to clean.

Go through your home and clear up your corners to prevent dust build up.

  1. Use blinds and shutters: One of the biggest sources of dust in a home is curtains. They are bulky fabrics that are hung near windows that are not washed as often as other fabrics in the home.

As a result, they are prone to collecting dust over time. Instead, consider switching to blinds and shutters. This is because they do not gather much dust and can be cleaned with a swipe of a dusting brush. This significantly reduces both the amount of dust that might gather and the amount of work you will need to do.

Should you choose to make this switch, look for Blinds in Franklin, TN, for example, at a retailer such as The Blinds and Shutter gallery.

  1. Dust regularly: Dust builds up much more easily when it is not attended to on time. Because dust is all around us, it is inevitable that some amount of dust will settle on surfaces.

However, if the dust is wiped off as soon as possible, a build-up will not form and there will be less work for you to do.

Therefore, make sure you dust all your surfaces once a week or so to make sure they are dust-free.

  1. Declutter: Dust thrives in environments that are cluttered as there are more surfaces to cling to and less of a chance that it will be wiped off.

As much as possible, avoid keeping unnecessary items around your house to prevent dust.

  1. Maintain circulation: Constant cross-ventilation is essential to prevent dust as the particles are less likely to settle.

Make sure your home has constant ventilation by way of fans, air conditioning or simply opening the windows.


Dust buildup can be cleaned up. However, it is overall a better option to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Follow the above steps to keep your home dust free.