The Basics of Owning a Beach House

Escaping to the beach during the hot summer is an extremely popular vacation.  In fact, many people find themselves purchasing a second home at the beach as a means of traveling there whenever they desire.  While it’s great to have a place to stay whenever you want to visit, many people forget that their beach house requires the same level of maintenance, if not more, than their primary place of residence.  Here are some of the basic tips for keeping your beach house up to date, lowering the risk of severe damage that may occur to the property.


The main reason for staying on top of the condition of your beach house is because of the increased exposure to severe weather that these homes endure.  Heavy rains, heat, severe thunderstorms, and even hurricanes can affect the structural strength of the property.  The roof in particular faces a lot of potential issues when it comes to the elements. While many people feel most worried about their roof’s condition prior to winter, an equal amount of attention should be paid to roof maintenance in the summer as well.  Heavy rains can clog gutters, allowing moisture to build up and weaken the roof. Wind from storms can rip shingles and heat can warp the roof allowing for leaks to be created.  Poorly ventilated roofs will also allow this moisture to facilitate the growth of mold and mildew which can be hazardous to those staying in the property. Click here if you want to learn more about why roof inspections, regardless of the time of year, are crucial towards keeping a well-maintained beach house.

Aside from the damage that beach weather can cause to the roof, it can also affect components like siding and windows.  Moisture from rain can also warp window frames, creating pockets for cool air to escape in the hot summer months.  This will lead to high energy bills as your home struggles to maintain a cool temperature.  In addition, heavy winds can strip siding from the home.  Not only is this ugly to the eye, but can be yet another way for moisture to enter your home and cause mold growth.  In addition, insects and other creature may find ways to enter the house.

In your efforts to maintain your beach property, these tips are a basic guideline.  Consulting with roofing professionals is the best route to take when determining the condition of your beach house to see if any repairs or renovations are necessary. Many of these experts are also very good with windows, doors, siding, and even painting depending on the contractor.  Keep your beach home in good condition to lower your costs of ownership and spend more time on vacation without the worry of potential issues arising.