The Most Interesting Coffee Shops in The World

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup coffee? Tea drinkers maybe? Well cafes usually have both but the draw to these coffee shops isn’t the beverages. Here are some of the most interesting coffee shops in the world.
Interesting Coffee Shops
Goat Café
Tokyo brought us the now infamous cat cafe years ago. But didn’t you get the memo? Cats are so passé, goats are the latest craze. This Japanese coffee shop lets customers pet live goats while sipping their coffee. Patrons say it helps them feel at one with nature and is relaxing. I wonder what animal cafe will be next? Cow coffee shops? Porcupine tea stands?

Coffee with Legs
Chile’s capitol city has quite a strange coffee culture. Santiago is home to some interesting coffee shops. At their infamous “Coffee with Legs” cafes, patrons are coming to admire the female form more than drink an espresso. While the theme and “uniforms” will differ depending on the cafe it will always have three things in common. Risky dressed ladies, businessmen clientele, and fresh brewed coffee.

Robo Cafe
Japan seems to have their interesting coffee shops game on point. If you prefer robots to cats or goats, this place is for you. Located in Osaka, Japan the Robo Cafe uses robot servers to bring your hot beverage. Just keep eyes open in case these robots start to rise up against there human overlords!

Café Demetrio, Miami
This Miami coffee shop focuses more on the coffee than other shops on this list. Florida’s Café Demetrio is a old Spanish themed coffee shop with very unique castle-esque architecture though it is definitely more classy than campy. The espresso is always served with a heart drawn in the foam and the inside is riddled with chess boards. So bring a friend and prepare to stay a while!

Café du Monde, New Orleans
This legendary Vietnamese run French style coffee shop in the heart of an American city definitely most interesting coffee shops in the world. They are just as well known for their fresh fried beignets (sweet doughnut like pastries) as they are for their amazing coffee. This outdoor cafe is open 24 hours a day, year round and given New Orleans aptitude for partying is likely to be equally packed at 3am as at 9am.

So whether you want a furry companion,  or a robotic one; a cup of Spanish espresso, or just some eye candy, there is definitely a coffee shop for every taste. So next time you are traveling skip the Starbucks and try to find an interesting coffee shop. Heck, even if you aren’t traveling to one of the destinations on this list I’m sure your city has at least one interesting coffee shop you can explore.