Nice European Cities With The Most Bang For Your Buck

Europe is on almost every traveler bucket list but many avoid this historic continent due to its reputation as a bank buster. Not all European cities require you drain your savings to enjoy their splendor. Here are some nice European cities with the most bang for your buck.

Budapest, Hungary
With low cost of food and lodging, it is easy to enjoy yourself in Hungary for less than $30 dollars per day!  This historic European capitol city is actually split between “buda” and “pest” and both offer plenty to do for its relatively low cost. Countless castles dot the scenic city as well as world class artists, including the a world famous opera company.  Don’t forgot to stroll across the legendary chain bridge that connects the sister cities and if your feet hurt from walking so much, there is no better place to soak them then in one of Budapest’s famous public baths.

Kiev, Ukraine:
With daily costs as low as $25 dollars per day, Kiev is definitely within nearly any travelers budgets. Ukraine doesn’t usually make it on to the itinerary of the average European backpacker or luxury traveler. This makes sure Kiev is one of the european cities with the  most bang for your buck. Like many other cities in the region, it is a paradise for the history buff. For something a little unusual, Kiev also has a museum to the world’s most deadly nuclear power plant disaster Chernobyl. Kiev is also home to some of the world’s oldest Christian churches. Perhaps you can mediate on the history at the  the 900 year old St. Cyrill’s Monastery or even the even older St. Sophia Cathedral which is now a UNESCO world heritage site.
European Cities With The Most Bang For Your Buck
Warsaw, Poland
Another eastern European city offering historic charms, a thrifty traveler can stay here for $35 dollars per day.  History buffs will have no shortage of activities, with dozens and dozens of war monuments but there is plenty to do for all tastes as well. Relax in the scenic Lazienki Park and marvel the architecture of Old Town. Also, no trip to Warsaw is complete without some polish food, make sure and get your fill of world class baked goods and sausages.

So if you are looking for an unforgettable European vacation that is within your budget, look east. These Eastern European capitols will give you a unique perspective on this fabled continent and all while saving you money compared to their more well traveled western counterparts. Another plus to traveling these cities is you will likely be the first of your friends to visit, so you will have unique stories when you return home. So check out these budget destinations for wonderful European cities with the most bang for your buck.